Nic von Rupp

Nic von Rupp truly is the archetype of the modern surfer, speaking five languages fluently, representing the beauty of mixtures and carrying a trademark touch of Portuguese flair and German strength.  As a professional big wave surfer and content creator Nic hunts all meaty swells around the planet to find big barrels, slabs and heavy water and delivers top quality content. He is now, one of the top 10 big waves surfers in the world and his quest has just begun.   



Check his series ‘Von Froth’ and follow him and his crew from Nazaré to the world.  

You can expect a lot of Big Waves, barrels and fun 


Von Froth Episode 1 – Giant Waves in Nazare: 


Von Froth Episode 2 - Secret slab on the day of the year with Nic von Rupp and friends:  


Von Froth Episode 3  The Death Coast heaviests waves 


Von Froth Episode 4 – Surfing in Morocco isn’t easy: 


Von Froth Episode 5 - The Magic Bay